Saturday, October 18, 2014

Things About My Japan Trip

My host family are very nice and very polite. They made me Okonomiyaki for dinner and it was Oishii. Their house is two story and my room is on the second floor. The third night we went to the Aeon Mall. We went looking at shoes and window shopping then we went to the guitar store and because they had a ten year anniversary all guitars were 50%off. Then we went to this place were you order your food on the computer and then your food moves on something similar to an escalator, I had so much food a felt like my stomach was going to burst. Then we went home and watched a movie called Ratotoi it's a great movie, after I went to bed and slept in 2minutes. I am having a sensational time.

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  1. Thanks for your news Cameron! Zahlia and I love reading about your shopping adventures, the food and your beautiful host family. We look forward to more!!
    Love from Jud's mum and sister!