Monday, October 20, 2014

The youth hostel

After we left out host families we went on the bus to our youth hostel.
Once we got there we were a little confused with where to put our luggage. 
So after about 5mins of walking around the place we got to our rooms, we have a boy Kalinda room and a boy Warranwood room. There was also a Kalinda girls. room and girl Warranwood room. 
After we got settled in we went to take a look at our bathrooms which I have to say don't look the best but there actually really good. 
After that it was dinner. We had wavy fries, fried chicken, rice, cabbage, and nashi. It was sooooooooooooooo Oshie! 

So then we had our showers / baths. We had to go in pairs when we had a shower and it was really hot in the bathroom, it was practically a sauna!!! 
Once we finished we went back to our rooms and had quite time to write a recount on what we have done. 
After that we went to bed at about 9:00ish. 
OYASUMINASI (goodnight in Japanese - but I spelt it wrong) 


  1. Great update for all of us back here Olivia! Thank you.

  2. Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for all your updates and the photos that are being put up on the blog! We are enjoying them immensely and reading about all your adventures is great! We miss you, but are glad to see that you and everyone are having such a great time and some amazing experiences! Have fun and take care. We hope that you and everyone else continues to have such a great time!!