Thursday, October 16, 2014

Judson's stuff

I can't wait until tomorrow because I'm spending my birthday with my host family, it's going to be a great time and I'll give them there pressies tonight. My family a great, caring and nice. When we eat lunch at school we eat it together and the table that I ( Judson ) sit at finish really really quick. I catch the school bus to school every morning. At lunch I play soccer with my friends and it's really fun.

                                             I love you Zahls, Jabbaroony and ky


  1. Hey Judd..I'm so happy you are having a fantastic time buddy.
    Very exciting about your birthday man. Zahls says I love you Judd ,
    I love Judd, goodbye. Nandy says how long does the bus take to get
    to school? And the house is very quiet without you. Haha
    I hope your taking heaps of photos buddy and I can see that you've been
    In a few from what Cheryl posts. We love you very much and I'm very proud
    Of you on this journey. Let me know how you go with your host family on
    Your birthday! Ps let us know some other stuff and adventures you've been
    Up to as well. ������

  2. Happy birthday Juddy!!!!!!!!! 11 years old today! You are growing up and I am so proud of you. You truly are a lovely person. Enjoy your special day and check your suitcase for a white envelope.
    Missing you more than I thought I would. I love your photos.
    Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too! He he.
    Happy 11th birthday Judson xxxx

  3. From Nanna Nicki, "happy birthday to my favourite boy in the whole world! I hope they don't give you cake with cream in it!!"

  4. Happy birthday from Aunty Julia. Xx
    Happy birthday from Jane Wally. Xx

  5. Hey Judd, zahls here happy birthday (in a wierd voice she says )hope your having a good time , love you miss you bye x
    Also Donna maddy and Kyle and nandy all wish you a very happy birthday on your special day buddy. And of course me again all the very best for today birthday boy and from what I can see your having the best time. Enjoy yourself tonight man and take plenty of pictures. Just one other thing, what's going in with that hairdo of your my friend. Haha happy birthday xxx

  6. This is my 3rd attempt at sending a message....Derrrr! Hope you've had an awesome birthday and it's certainly one you will never ever forget. What an amazing opportunity you've had. I read the blog every day to see what you're up to - have fun you very lucky boy. What an amazing birthday present - a trip to Japan. Love ya heaps xx

  7. Happy birthday from before and your re having a spectacular time