Saturday, October 18, 2014

Having fun in Japan

So there is 1 day left till we start our official tour, today we only have 4 hours so I have lots more free time than the other days.
Today the host dad comes back from work in Tokyo.
And today I finally get to meet him.
Today my host family and I will be doing hand fireworks🎆
Also my host family was kind enough to get me a new void cube and the rest of my family a few gifts.
But I won't post what they are because if my families on this blog then I may spoil the surprise.
That it for now and I'm out.


  1. Hi max, we love your update. I can't believe you received gifts. How lucky are you?! We're interested in what a void cube is! Look forward to more news when you can. Love from zahlia and kyra

  2. a void cube is a rubiks cube with no middle and a bit harder that a 3x3x3