Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Archer talks about a whole lot of stuff

Ola amigos my name is archer and I talk about a whole lot a stuff and this stuff is about five star hotels , animation studios and driving on busses. 

Well yesterday we drove to a amazing hotel and had dinner there. I had a chicken and rice kids meal and for dessert I had a massive chocolate and vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and rice bubble sensation (look on the blog for more information). Riley drank a liter of soft drink and ice cream!

In the bedroom it was way better than the other hotel. It had real beds cause I haven't slept in a real bed once this trip. I slept so good that night.

In the morning we had an amazing breakfast for free! I had a bowl of bacon, fried egg, two servings of apple juice, coco pops and two sausages! 

Next we went on the bus to an animation studio. We watched one of their cartoons and we looked in the exhibition room with amazing things. I can't explain what I saw but just to let you know they were amazing. I also got elbowed really hard in eye (fun fact for the day). AND NOW IM ON THE BUS ON THE WAY TO A RIVER CRUISE IN A GLASS BOAT, AND IM TYPING THIS UP.

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  1. Ola Arch! Sounds like you are still having an amazing time. Good to hear that you had a great sleep and that you are enjoying the hotel. Cannot wait to see the photos.
    I cannot believe you are going to Disneyland tomorrow. I wonder if they will have all the Halloween decorations up like they did at Disney California? Would love to be going to Disney with you - Rory would go crazy! Take lots of photos and have a great time on the rides. We want lots of details!
    We are counting down the days until you get home.... not long now. We are all really looking forward to seeing your smiling face.
    Enjoy your last few days in Japan, miss you lots.

    Love mum xx